Problems with SA/Mailscanner using different perl versions

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Tue Nov 16 18:45:14 GMT 2004

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Mark Fyvie wrote:
> Hi Julian,
>         Unfortunately I don't have the book, but I'll be sure to try and buy
> it. Of course, when one gets into trouble, one doesn't always have the book
> to hand, which is where online documentation has always been a great idea!

Personnaly, I think that the online documentation is very exhaustive.
There are the install docs, the FAQs, the MailScanner manual (from FSL),
the MAQ page and I think they cover all one should know to be able to
operate and manage a MailScanner server.  In fact, it is probably more
exhaustive than any manual for a proprietary application.

I may be blinded by the fact that I've been using MS for more than a
year, but for a standard setup, it is not that complex: config in
MailScanner.conf, SpamAssassin conf in spam.assassin.prefs.conf, rules
in the rules directory.  If you are playing in the program files
themselves (like, this is what I call a non-standard setup,
but Julian's directives for patches are usually very clear.

Of course, if you're beginning with MailScanner or if you have a special
setup or problem, it might not be addressed, so just post on this list
and we'll be there to help you.  Relevant problems are usually addressed
within 24 hours on this list, and they usually get fixed really quickly
as well.

Give you some time to learn about it.  It is quite complex, but it is
still understandable.

Hope this helps you and feel free to ask other questions if need be :).


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