Oversized Zip?

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Nov 16 16:36:28 GMT 2004

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This is almost certainly being generated by ClamAV which has checks in it to
catch large zip files. Check your ClamAV configuration.

On 16/11/04 3:56 pm, "Cecilia Martínez" <hostmaster at AGIMSA.COM.MX> wrote:

> Fedora C1 / Ensim Pro 4.01 / MailScanner / Sendmail / ClamAV / SpamAssassin
> Hello,
> Some ZIP attachments have been sent to quarantine because of their size,
> which in fact I don't think it is too much (200-300 kb). I can't find where
> to adjust this setting. Please help.
> This is the info sent to managers regarding the scanned message:
> Sender: user at domain.com
> IP Address:
>   Recipient: user1 at domain.com, user2 at domain.com
>     Subject: re-envio de informacion
>   MessageID: iAGFQfsg006140
>     Info: PU_SINAN_A_USD_REV_1.zip contains Oversized Zip
>      Info: PU_SINAN_B_USD_REV_1.zip contains Oversized Zip

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