{Scanned} bitdefender doesn't update

Steve Swaney Steve.Swaney at FSL.COM
Fri Nov 12 14:08:58 GMT 2004

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> Can other people confirm this please? I didn't write the original script
> and
> it's horribly complicated, and the comments are all in Italian :-(
> On 12/11/04 12:56 pm, "Christian Kowarzik" <ckowarzik at EMAIL.DE> wrote:
> > Koen Teugels wrote:
> >> I don't think the bitdefender updates. Plugins dates stay at the time
> of
> >> install. And when i do an bdc --update there are changes.
> >
> > In the script /usr/lib/MailScanner/bitdefender-autoupdate it's function
> > countViruses($file) is
> > missing the input file and then it dies rather than logging the error
> and then
> > continuing.
> >
> > I found out, that the commands which should create the input files for
> > countViruses($file) are
> > out-commented:
> > #JKF system  "$bitDCmd > $origFile ";
> > #JKF system  "$bitDCmd > $destFile ";
> >
> > I removed the '#JKF ' at the beginning of these two lines and everything
> is
> > working fine...
> >

About a month+ back, the BitDefender site had a problem that caused the
BitDefender update to hang. Every hour another update would start and hang.
I saw one system with +450 hung bdc processes. Commenting out these two
lines appeared to fix the problem but you lost the logging of the updates.
The BitDefender site was fixed after a few days so I think it may now be
safe to take these comments out.


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Fortress Systems Ltd.
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