local relay patch

Lindsay Snider lindsay at pa.net
Thu Nov 11 01:32:09 GMT 2004


For those of you using the local relay patch, I've updated it to patch cleanly
against MailScanner 4.35.11.

For those of you whom do not use it, the local relay patch allows you to
specify mail relays which are internal to your network.  Thus, when
MailScanner searches for an offending ip for spam and viruses, ip netblocks
you consider internal are skipped.

ASCII Art Example:

evil ip            mx server         mailscanner server ------> --------> -------------->

With the patch, when server sees the message from, he'll
know he can trust's mail headers and blame for evil doings.
In mailscanner.conf, a line similar to the following is added:

Local Relay =

This patch has only been coded for postfix.  If interest in other MTAs exist,
we could consider writing it for those MTAs as well.


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