off topic: email forwarding assistance/guidance needed

lester lasad llasad1 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Nov 10 15:47:01 GMT 2004

My MailScanner/Sendmail server is relaying email to 2
seperate domains.  A majority of my users (3000) have
email accounts in the "" domain, but we have
roughly 40 users that have an account in both the and domains.

The 40 isers in the and domain use
both addresses at this point but, I would like to
deliver emails for both addresses to one domain.
example:  if lester at receives an email I would
like sendmail to route the email to lester at
(instead of the address).  The domain
will be obsolete in the future but I can't get rid of
it yet but I would like to eliminate the host
that sendmail is relaying to.

Hopefully what I said makes sense, if not, please ask
for additional info.  Thanks in advance for your

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