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Koen Teugels kte at NEXIS.BE
Tue Nov 9 22:06:29 GMT 2004

Virus Scanners = clamav bitdefender
clamav is at version 0.80.1 and bitdefender
Bt they let pass the attachment copfilter-0.0.95.tgz with the eicar test
virus in it with status clean.
I use a  RHEL clone with the latest yum updates.
version MailScanner-4.35.11-1.rpm.tar.gz with spamassassin 3.0.1 and
plugins DCC, razor and ...
Just a standard install no custom rules yet.

Thanks Koen

Julian Field wrote:

> Can you give me more details of this please. What "Virus Scanners ="
> setting do you have. What version of what scanner. What are the
> symptoms, please give a real example.

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