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Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions michele at BLACKNIGHTSOLUTIONS.COM
Tue Nov 9 21:25:47 GMT 2004

> Gents,
>         I know many many many people receive great support
> via IRC channels.  Freenode seems to be one of the best IRC
> servers for our community.  Already on Freenode there are
> channels such as #clamav and #spamassassin.  I would think it
> will not hurt to start a irc channel on Freenode.  I have
> joined the #mailscanner channel.  Please come in and ask
> questions/idle.  I think this could definitely be great help
> for people.  Maybe Julian will post this on  Bring
> your bots.

I'll be putting one of my bnc in there when I get a chance :)

One of the nice things about freenode is that it is ipv6 enabled:


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