MS performance as a gateway comments

Alan mailscanner at ELKNET.NET
Sun Nov 7 23:45:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, 5 Nov 2004 23:41:11 -0500, Marco Benton <marco at XSSNET.COM> wrote:

>have you tried configuring Sendmail to not fork off a process for each
>message?  might slow sendmail down a bit but you wont use up all your

Nope, don't know how to do it, never found any threads or FAQ on the site
related to doing so.

But I DO know that zmailer does that without taking any special steps, and
by doing so it speeds up processing, not slow it down as suspected would be
the case with sendmail.

>i think the is redundant if you are using spamcop RBL's.

sc_top200 is checking URIs found in the body of the message, not the ip
source of the sending smtp server, which is what RBL's do. The only
redundancy I could see would be between sc_top200 and one of the SURBLs, not
RBLs. If that is the case, I'll sure drop using sc_top200, but I have not
seen any mention that any of the SURBLs duplicate top200.


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