Mail server backlogging - seems like a Bayes problem

Mike Tremaine mgt at STELLARCORE.NET
Sun Nov 7 16:50:32 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 12:20, Matt Kettler wrote:
> If this is the case, Re-quoting myself from a post to the SA user's list:
> --------------------------------
> In the short term, you can help by running a sa-learn --force-expire on
> your bayes DB.
> In the longer term, here's some suggestions I use on my own MailScanner
> server: (I use all of these together)
> 1) Increase the spamassassin timeout in MailScanner.conf. Bring it to 60
> seconds at least, I have mine set to 120.
> 2) Set the "Rebuild Bayes Every" parameter in MailScanner.conf. 86400
> seconds is a good start. This makes MailScanner invoke SA's bayes
> housekeeping directly, rather than during a scan of a message.
> 3) in /etc/mail/spamassassin/ set: bayes_auto_expire 0. This will
> keep SA from trying to run bayes expires (long and slow) during message
> handling, but relies on #2 above to allow expiry to occur.
> 4) I also have a sa-learn --force-expire running as a daily cronjob. I have
> tested the setup without this measure, and #2 is sufficient to cause expiry
> to occur. Really this is just a fail-safe to allow expiry to occur even if
> MailScanner's calls fail to run it properly for some reason.

Have you tested this setup under SA 3.0.1? The reason I ask is I used
this advise to configure a MailScanner Gateway that I was having a lot
of timeouts with [200-300] and it worked great. [Dropped to 1 timeout
per day]. This week I migrated this server to a new box and started with
the all new installs [MS  4.35-9, SA 3.0.1, ClamAV .80, etc...]
Everything is working fine except I'm back up to 40 timeouts. Just
wondering if anyone else has seen this. [It could very well be that I
get that many email during the rebuild, not sure, I should really look
at the logs.]

 MailScanner Status:
        22566 messages Scanned by MailScanner
        190.3 Total MB
        19661 Spam messages detected by MailScanner
        129 Messages forwarded unscanned by MailScanner
        125 Viruses found by MailScanner
        119 Banned attachments found by MailScanner
        3 Content Problems found by MailScanner
        3748 Messages delivered by MailScanner

        40 SpamAssassin timeout(s)

Mike Tremaine
mgt at

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