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Cecilia [iso-8859-1] Martínez hostmaster at AGIMSA.COM.MX
Sat Nov 6 07:06:37 GMT 2004

Fedora C1 / Ensim Pro 4.01 / MailScanner / Sendmail / ClamAV / SpamAssassin

I am new to MailScanner and I am trying to set it up so it allows *.exe
files FromOrTo a couple of domains. I followed instructions on the FAQ
document found on

So, I have a rules file for my two special domains allowing *.exe files and
the default rules denying *.exe files for the rest.

I sent several test message to make sure the configuration is ok attaching
an EXE file but I never get them, nor I get any message reports saying the
file was detected, quarantined or deleted. Looking on domain's procmaillog
I found this:

  From hostmaster at   Fri   Nov  5   22:05:48   2004
Subject: probando
Folder:   /dev/null

Mail was sent FROM hostmaster at TO  test at
Both email accounts have unlimited quota, the server's size limit for
sending email messages is set to 30 MB (the attached file was 8 MB). The
file is not infected, that I am positive.

I am trying to find out why the test message was sent to the server's black
hole (/dev/null) but I can't find a clue!!

If I set my configuration to it's original state, EXE files are detected,
quarantined and users are advised.

Please help this troubled newbe!

Cecilia Martinez

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