bayes stopped working (now working)

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Nov 3 20:10:43 GMT 2004

At 11:13 AM 11/3/2004, Nick Meverden wrote:
>I thought that MailScanners rebuild feature just syned the journal file,
>and SA ran the auto expire.  I have already disabled the auto expire in
>spam.assassin.conf and have a script that runs in cron nightly that
>expires it for me.  With the rebuild in MailScanner.conf set to daily
>(which should snyc the journal,correct me if Im wrong)

Well, rebuild forces a journal sync, but if you look in the SA code, it
appears to check if expiry is needed, and if needed it runs that at the
same time.

So while it does not force expiry, it does provide a point when expiry can run.

I'd still do the force-expire cronjob, but I ran for several weeks without
it and my expires seemed to run OK, with my expiry atime changing every few
days when my bayes got large enough to warrant another expire.

>Is anyone else
>using AWL with MailScanner or has everyone just disabled it?

I'm an AWL non-fan.

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