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Tue Nov 2 15:24:49 GMT 2004

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John Berntsen wrote:

> When installing perl-MIME-Base64 it wants to remove the main perl
> package, just to try on my test server i did a ./ nodeps
> and it removed my perl package.
> Could not find anything strange with the spec file either, except
> that maybe the auto filelist generating might add something that
> make this package want to remove the main perl package.
> I saw on the list that the same problem arised on RHEL3

It's annoying - we have the same problem on 3 RHEL boxes now, all
running the latest stable version.

The problem seems to be that the Red Hat perl RPM includes an older
version of MIME::Base64 and it sounds like the SuSE one does, too. If
you force an install of the perl RPM it removes Julian's
perl-MIME-Base64 RPM; if you force Julian's RPM then it clashes with the
perl RPM.

Incidentally, the old solution of installing MIME-Tools and Base64 from
CPAN doesn't work any more - MailScanner refuses to run at all, saying
that various perl module versions are too old.


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