Memory Usage

Wed Mar 31 18:52:00 IST 2004

>with only 512 of RAM.  Has anyone else experienced any sort of memory
>leak in mailscanner-4.28.6-1 ?

I'm running Mailscanner 4.28.6-1 on RedHat ES 3.0 as well and
I have not run into any memory-sucking problems.  I am, however,
probably running things a bit different than you, I have my mail
subsystem in a chroot jail -- which implies a separate everything
(perl, postfix, sophos, clamav, etc...) running in said jail.

Looking at top, I've got 5 MS processes running, taking up
47MB, 47MB, 46MB, 45MB and 35MB ATM.  I have one GB of RAM on a
P4 2.8Ghz machine.  I am running the SMP kernel, since the
chip I've got supports hyper-threading.

I probably get much less mail than you though.  We're only
around 3000 messages per day or so (plus or minus, of course).

Have you tried disabling specific features of MailScanner to
try to figure out what's going on?  If you're worried about
bad things getting through, set up your old box to scan mail
either before or after it hits your new box.  (Of course,
after would be better from a troubleshooting perspective.)

You can do this by adding a low priority MX to one of the boxes,
then firewall the higher priority MX box so that it only allows
connections from the low priority MX.  Mail sent will be rejected
by the HP, sent to the LP and sent back to the HP, which will then
accept it.

That's a lot of work, but it's better than disabling virus and spam
scanning on a production server with no saftey net.



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