Preventing outgoing mail from being scanned for spam

Peter Bonivart peter at UCGBOOK.COM
Tue Mar 30 21:00:39 IST 2004

Jason Williams wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I'm currently trying to find out how to stop mailscanner from scanning
> outbound mail for spam. Here is my setup:
> Using MS on our Company DMZ, acting as a mail gateway. Doing all the goodie
> tricks; spam checking, virus checking. It then forwards all the mail to our
> internal Lotus Domino server. Testing so far, everything works great.
> Now, when email is sent from Lotus Notes client, it goes from the client,
> to the domino server, back out through the mail gateway. I want to have
> outbound mail scanned for viruses, but not spam.
> Is it possible to setup a rule of some sort to stop outbound spam scanning,
> but still leave it enabled for incoming?

I don't use it myself but you should be able to use a ruleset for "Spam
Checks" where you list your Domino servers IP address as no and default
as yes. Check the archives, this has been discussed before I think.

/Peter Bonivart

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