Preventing outgoing mail from being scanned for spam

Jason Williams jwilliams at COURTESYMORTGAGE.COM
Tue Mar 30 20:53:36 IST 2004

Hello everyone.

I'm currently trying to find out how to stop mailscanner from scanning
outbound mail for spam. Here is my setup:

Using MS on our Company DMZ, acting as a mail gateway. Doing all the goodie
tricks; spam checking, virus checking. It then forwards all the mail to our
internal Lotus Domino server. Testing so far, everything works great.

Now, when email is sent from Lotus Notes client, it goes from the client,
to the domino server, back out through the mail gateway. I want to have
outbound mail scanned for viruses, but not spam.

Is it possible to setup a rule of some sort to stop outbound spam scanning,
but still leave it enabled for incoming?

Server specs:

FreeBSD 4.9
MS 4.28
Sendmail 8.12.11
Clamav 0.67

I appreciate the help.


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