Mailscanner as a MailGateway

Steve Mason SMason at KMSS.CA
Sat Mar 27 21:06:44 GMT 2004

 From: Ahmed Kaize [mailto:akaize at ZMSN.COM]
Sent: March 27, 2004 9:24 AM
Subject: Mailscanner as a MailGateway

I am planning to use the Mailscanner as a mailgateway sitting between my
Exchange Server and ISP to filter the virus/spam.

I am not very good at Linux, but I like it better than Windowz...

Can some of you suggest, what is the easy distribution/version of Linux that
I can use for this project?


I've done 3 full installs recently (2 for testing purposes, and one for a
friend) using Fedora Core 1, MailScanner and Spamassassin on Postfix.
If you follow the installation instructions on the MailScanner website step
by step, it works very well.
The only glitch with Fedora, is up2date is a bit broken. If you wget the
latest up2date rpm, install it, then point the config at a decent mirror,
all is well.

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