Reloading MS service via email?

Alex Neuman alex at
Tue Mar 23 21:29:59 GMT 2004

How about sending -HUP to the MailScanner process? I'd love to get a copy of
your scripts, if you don't mind...

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Subject: Reloading MS service via email?

I've got my scripts pretty much ironed out so that a user can simply forward
a spam message to an email address, have the spam email added to the
blacklist and then sent a confirmation. What I'd like to also do is have the
script reload the MailScanner service. Since this is being done via the user
'mail', can anyone give me some tips on the best way to accomplish this. So
far I'm thinking of using SUDO to allow 'mail' to run 'kill' and
/etc/init.d/MailScanner? Is there a better and/or more secure way?

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