FreeBSD and MailScanner

Jason Williams jwilliams at COURTESYMORTGAGE.COM
Tue Mar 23 01:42:38 GMT 2004

>I am going to try and run MaiLScanner on Free BSD on my secondary (very
>low volume) mailgateway, i want to run it in a used enviroment as i am
>pretty new to BSD but i want to use it in action while i learn as much
>as i can.

I love FreeBSD. I think you will like what it has to offer.

>My question is, is the offical ports tree updated with MS or should just
>download the archive posted to this list, extract to
>/usr/ports/mail/maillscanner-devel and install from there? maybe
>extracting the new devel releases over the top of the previous ones?

 From my recent experience with MS, the ports tree is updated pretty
regularly so it comes down to a matter of personal preference. If you
decide to use the ports tree, make sure you cvsup before you install to
grab any recent changes. Ports can make your life a heck of a lot easier in
that it automatically finds dependencies and installs them for you.

>I did a /stand/sysinstall and updated the ports tree, but make search
>name=mailscanner finds nothing :(

It is currently located in /usr/ports/mail/mailscanner

Make sure you cvsup your ports tree with the latest tree.

>Has anyone wrriten any specific doco for freeBSD/postfix/mailscanner ?
>Just follow the guide on BSD and the postfix one on Julian's site?

I'd be curious myself to work more with Postfix, but I was unsuccessfully
getting it to work correctly. Haven't had a chance to dive into it any
further, yet, but I would like to know more about it.

>Thanks in advance

Hope that helps,


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