MailScanner and SpamAssassin scoring

Gib Gilbertson Jr. gib at TMISNET.COM
Sun Mar 21 12:05:41 GMT 2004


Do the MailScanner scores combine in anyway with the SpamAssassin scores?
And if not, how does one add SBL+XBL to SA? I've been through the archives,
tried the rules that were in a couple of e-mails there, but either because
of line breaks caused by mail programs or something, they don't appear to
work in SA.

I notice that if MS hits on SBL+XBL and SA has a score of 11.5 the mail is
passed on through instead of adding the score to SA's score.. I assume from
what I'm seeing here that all BL checking should probably be done with SA
if we want the checks to mean anything. That is unless we have multiple
BL's set in MS and a message hits on more that one of the lists.

Thanks for your input.


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