Bounce help please!

Alan mailscanner at ELKNET.NET
Fri Mar 19 20:41:21 GMT 2004

Since upgrading yesterday from MS 4.25-14 to 4.29-3, my bounces are no
longer working. Prior to the upgrade, I would see around 4,200 'Actions are
delete,bounce' log entries per hour, and likewise I would see around the
same number of outbound bounce notices sent out by sendmail.

Since the upgrade, I still see around 4,200 'Actions are delete,bounce' log
entries, but almost no actual bounce messages are being sent by sendmail. I
only see around 30 actual bounce messages being sent.

The missing thousands of bounce messages are not stuck in any queue, I
looked. Its like the action is saying bounce, but no actual bounce message
is ever being created and sent. Since the upgrade, I've been rejecting
thousands and thousands of messages, but sedning out almost no rejection
notices. I'm currently at great risk of rejecting a message and not
notifying the sender.

Sure could use some help here, I'm stumped!

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