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If you are using an rpm based OS, such as redhat, installation is very
- download latest version of MS
- download latest version of SA

Install and off you go... (though not quite)

If you have never installed SA with all the bells and whistles you may
discover that you are missing a lot of Perl modules.
If you are using RH9 or similar with Perl 5.8 you may have to explicitly set
your language in order to be able to install Perl modules

If you ensure that spam actions are set to deliver or store you will not run
any major risks. If setting to store make sure that you store the full

Regarding scores: We use 8.5 in production with the spamhaus xbl-sbl as an



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> Behalf Of Guillaume
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> Subject: [MAILSCANNER] Need your experience
> Hi all ,
> First post on this mailing list:
> Config AMD 800 Mhz / HD 40Go /RAM 521 Mo
> Sendmail serv
> fprot
> Outlook clients
> I am discovering Mailscanner . I have already done little tests in order
> to migrate my sendmail server which is ,of course, already in
> production.
> I would like to know your experience about mailscanner /f-prot :
> - Did your migration was not to painfull. Which trouble take you a lot
> of time to solve ?.
> - Do I have to expect problems like it's impossible to send mails to
> specifics hosts ?
> - Is there an easy way to rollback to the old configuration ? (removing
> mailscanner rpm is enough ? )
> My idea is to put in production mailscanner with very tolerant settings
> , I will increase security step by step  .( tips to start from a very
> tolerant mailscanner ?)
> Thanks to read me.
> Any comments or feedbacks will be appreciated.
> Best Regards.
> Guillaume.

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