culpability of Infinite-Monkey (was) Infinite Monkeys and other BLs {Scanned} {Scanned} {Scanned}

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Thu Mar 18 04:32:28 GMT 2004

> It is perfectly reasonable that one would not know 
> everything.  Do you know who and why of every program or 
> service on your machine.  If you pulled down a sendmail 
> version and 5 months later it purposefully damaged your 
> machine is this OK and your fault.  In any event it is 
> irrelevant what you or I might think on this.  The issue I 
> see is that it is wrongful to place blame on admin that 
> reasonably placed trust in a thing be it a virus scanner an 
> RBL or whatever.  Is it OK to place fraudulent info 
> purposefully, and cause harm.  My point is a court would say 
> no due to the deliberate nature of the act, violates 
> fiduciary responsibility, and needs litigation to settle the 
> matter due primarily to all the rationalizations and 
> justifications so that then we will all know if it is OK to 
> deliberately cause harm because it is free.


        Why don't you ask them exactly why they did that?  They might
have very good reasons that you couldn't even think of, and neither
could I.

        It is true that we cannot expect one to know everything.
However, having missed the monkey's closing means that one never
realized that this RBL was timing out during a few days?

        Anyways, it doesn't really matters, I think we all learned in
this story.  However, this is a list to help each other, not for
advocacy about other software or service's legal responsibilities.  I
could have argumented against your legal comments, but I think that
trying to assess what could happen in court is relatively useless,
especially since we don't have all the information to do it.  If you
think you have a case, go ahead.  

        Consequently I strongly suggest we stop this thread and take
time, instead, to manage our servers better, and help each other, like
we've always done very well.  


> joe 

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