Mailscanner-4.28.6-1 and deeply nested archive problem

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Mar 16 11:28:47 GMT 2004

I probably need to issue a new beta release including this.

At 11:00 16/03/2004, you wrote:
>Hi Julian,
>If you get a moment would it be possible for you to update the website
>download to incorporate your patch to solve the too deeply nested archive
>problem when you allow zipped archives and not to check archives for
>forbidden filenames?
>I just upgraded our mailscanner here with the suse 8.0/8.1 tarball and
>fell foul of this problem yesterday morning. The fix is simple enough but
>I feel that the download should be updated to save others time.
>By the way - not had a problem with speed in the new version and it seems
>to be stopping even more spam! Excellent work!

Julian Field
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