Debug SpamAssassin

Edward L. Hannaford elhannaford at PSFINC.COM
Mon Mar 15 21:26:49 GMT 2004

I used Ugo's suggestion, turning off MailScanner, letting some emails build
up, and then running it with Debug = on.  It took a couple of tries to
re-discover how to capture the debug data to a file (if you don't know: run
"/usr/sbin/MailScanner /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf >run.log
2>debug.log"  the "2>" tells Linux to capture stderr to a file).  Once I did
I got lucky and had the error hit during the debug run.

It turns out that SA v2.63 (the version I'm running) auto-expires bayes
tokens by default.  The auto-expiry was what was timing out SA.  I've turned
off auto-expiry in spam.assassin.prefs.conf and I'm running MailScanner now.
 I'll check after lunch to see if my timeouts have improved.

I'm still researching the best way to manually run sa-learn --force-expire.
 I  don't want some cron-launched process to interfere with MailScanner and


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