Most wanted FAQ's

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Thu Mar 11 10:49:58 GMT 2004

Ugo Bellavance said:
>         By having a weekly e-mail, it reminds people of a few rules and
> the MAQ, and let them know what important stuff they missed.
Could this also contain the latest security issues seen on this list
during the week also? Perhaps even have a seperate list address for the
weekly announcement, which may encourage other people to sign up to (Less
traffic as it only has a weekly mailing)? Could this (Not sure about the
extra work envolved) perhaps have urls to the thread concerned (Might cut
down the amount you have to type into the weekly mailing?) so the mailing
could look like

Subject Heading
Brief description
url to full 'story'

Just my thoughts (Disregard them as you desire, I won't be offended :-)
I'm just delighted that this excellent idea is being progressed!)


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