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Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Thu Mar 11 01:08:53 GMT 2004


        Here is my first attempt at creating a list of the most asked questions about MailScanner on the list.  As suggested, it could be displayed on the website, and even more importantly, it could be sent to a new user upon subscription, and I'll try to do a weekly e-mail containing these rules and some "highlights of the week". 

        The goal is to make it easy and obvious for new people to have quick answers about MailScanner.  That way, Julian and many other people will have more time to discuss more serious problems, write code, or just have a good time.

 I'd need your help, though.

        What I ask you:

1- Go to and look a the content.  I know it is ugly.  I know the numbering is weird.  We'll fix that in time.  I know it is also long, but we'll put an index at the beginning with just the questions.  We'll also try to remove what's not necessary.

2- Send me your comments to the e-mail address in the footer, or you can go through the list as well, so we can have others react to your opinions.  Especially, I need comments about the order and what could be removed to save space.  You can also suggest what can be kept on the web site, and what can be removed for the weekly/subscription e-mail.

3- When you are in a discussion that would be a candidate for a "highlight of the week", and you see that I don't participate in it, please send to me a brief explanation of the result of the discussion.  Please don't be shocked if I don't choose your story.  I'll probably be limited in space, since the "most wanted FAQs" will be included in this weekly message.

Why 3 locations?

        By having it on the web site, it will be easier for us to just tell: see the "most wanted faqs" on the web site, than having to go into the faq system, get the url and past it.  People will see them when downloading as well.

        By having an e-mail sent at subscription, we give out some rules and give newcomers means to get quick answers to the most asked questions.  (maybe that is better... MAQ?  Most Asked Questions?  Tell me if you have a better name...).

        By having a weekly e-mail, it reminds people of a few rules and the MAQ, and let them know what important stuff they missed.

        Thank you all for your cooperation,

Ugo Bellavance
Camo-Route Inc.

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