Corrupt queue files with Postfix

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Wed Mar 10 19:08:00 GMT 2004


>>>Can anyone shed any light on why the messages are being corrupted, and how
>>>to stop it occuring?
>>I have seen some thing similar also with Postfix 2.0.16. try upgrading
>>to 2.0.18,1 which is in the latest ports tree and check again. I did
>>this and the server stopped reporting corrupt messages.
>I have just upgraded to Postfix 2.0.18, and the problem persists:
>Mar 10 12:24:04 host postfix/smtp[16142]: warning: corrupted queue file: active/6/1/61D3D94508
>Mar 10 12:24:33 host postfix/smtp[16140]: warning: corrupted queue file: active/4/A/4A39094508
>Mar 10 12:24:45 host postfix/smtp[16143]: warning: corrupted queue file: active/7/8/78780A285B
>Any further ideas?
Damn! Did you install a fresh or a portupgrade? The last time I did a
fresh install (make deinstall, make install) and I also made the system
a 'single Postfix instance' set up. So it might have been a combination
of both...


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