Calling all translators (Japanese, UTF-8)

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Mar 6 11:16:27 GMT 2004

Is there a chance you could translate all the report files and 
languages.conf into Japanese for me please?
Always keen to support more languages!

At 22:08 05/03/2004, you wrote:
>Okay, last time. Forgot to force UTF-8 on the last one. Sorry!
> > It's translation time again. I would like you all to translate these
> > strings into your language of choice. They are used when unreadable or
> > protected archives and zip files are found.
> >
> >        Message contained archive which could not be read
> >        Message contained password-protected archive
>The charset encoding used in the previous message I sent appears to have
>been mangled in transit. Using UTF-8 this time. Also tweaked the text itself
>a bit. Replace previous strings with this version.

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