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Mon Mar 1 22:18:39 GMT 2004

At 21:53 01/03/2004, you wrote:
>Good afternoon,
>   I've recently installed MailScanner for the sole purpose of blocking
>attachments.  I am not interested in Spam blocking or antivirus scanning
>(via MailScanner) at this time.
>   My problem is that although the types are specified, .txt, .bat,. pif,
>etc. they are all being allowed through.
>   I haven't been able to locate a log file specifically for
>MailScanner.  I have watched traffic through /var/spool/maillog and
>messages on var/spool/messages; but nothing is making itself apparent.
>MailScanner does appear to be running, determined through various
>restarts via 'service MailScanner restart".

MailScanner logs into /var/log/maillog via your normal syslog service. Its
log entries are all marked with "MailScanner".
You should set "Virus Checking = yes" and "Virus Scanners = none" to get
the effect you want. The "Virus Checking" option controls the filename and
filetype checking as well as the actual virus scanning, for historical reasons.

>   Fedora Core 1.  Sendmail 8.12.10.

I have run it myself on this exact configuration, so I know it works just
fine. Did you install it by running the "./" script as instructed?

>   I have scanned the help files, google, etc.  Where else can I look?
>I'm willing to post various log files, confs, etc if someone can help me
>John McKee

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