Bayes not auto-learning at expected threshold

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Wed Jun 30 10:43:36 IST 2004

Greetings -

--On Tuesday, June 29, 2004 8:37 am -0400 "Desai, Jason" <jase at SENSIS.COM>

> Quoting from man Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf -
> ========
> Note that certain tests are ignored when determining
> whether a message should be trained upon:
>  - auto-whitelist (AWL)
>  - rules with tflags set to 'learn' (the Bayesian rules)
>  - rules with tflags set to 'userconf' (user white/black-listing rules,
> etc)
> Also note that auto-training occurs using scores from
> either scoreset 0 or 1, depending on what scoreset is
> used during message check.  It is likely that the mes-
> sage check and auto-train scores will be different.
> ========

Ah!  Many thanks, Jase!  No matter how much I read about MailScanner,
SpamAssassin, DCC, Razor 2 and Pyzor there always seems to be something
more/something I've forgotten.  :-}


Mike B-)

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