New Postfix-Options?

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Sat Jun 26 13:40:07 IST 2004

Holger Gebhard wrote:

>Hi Group,
>i just installed Postfix 2.1.1
>There are several new Features like reject_unverified_sender, or
>Anybody get these two features work?
I have to say I looked at these and decided against it as the unverified
sender option won't work for Yahoo mail as they don't reject recipients
at RCPT TO stage and AOL may block relay access due to excessive SMTP
probes (Or so the Postfix site warns and much of my
spam claims to come from Yahoo and AOL addresses. I use full user look
ups on the gateway so don't need unverified recipient. Again this won't
work for Exchange installations as only Exchange 2003 (I believe)
rejects unknown recipients. The rest all accept the message and bounce

I have successfully managed to get pre-queue scanning to work with
Postfix 2.1.1 (With Spamd). The jury is still out as to it's
effectiveness.... Is it better to reject spam with a 550 at SMTP or just
delete it from the queue later? On a high volume site, definitely the
latter (As pre queue scanning effectively does the same as the greet
delay option in the latest Sendmail due to the scan time). On a low
volume machine (Like my secondary MX) it's not a problem. Just have to
see how we go ;-)



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