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Steve Freegard steve.freegard at LBSLTD.CO.UK
Fri Jun 25 10:15:22 IST 2004


> What I'd like to see in a log analyzer is something that will tell me,
> for each message:
> 1) when was it received, and then when did MailScanner pick it up?
> 2) did it have any kind of dangerous
> content/bad-filenames/bad-filetypes
> 3) did it have a virus, and if the log knows, which one? and
> if it did,
> was it deleted as a silent virus?
> 4) what was its spam assassin score (even if it wasn't marked
> as spam)?
> 5) did it trip any DNSBL's?
> 6) what spam actions were applied to it?
> 7) if it was submitted to the main/outgoing queue, when was that? (or,
> if not, is it still in the processing pipeline, or is
> something wrong?)
> 8) when was it finally delivered/relayed/etc.?  Or is it still in the
> queue?
> So, then I can run a report which will tell me, with absolute
> certainty,
> exactly what happened to each and every message.  And, from
> that, I can
> perhaps do a grep (or something) that will look for messages that had
> certain characteristics, or determine my average spam score (which I
> can't do now, because MS only reports messages that were marked as
> spam), or see that "the reason this message never arrived is
> because it
> contained a virus" or something.  Or, tell me "W messages in,
> X messages
> delivered/relayed, Y messages still processing or in the mqueue, Z
> messages missing." and then tell me _which_ messages are missing (so I
> can inform the sender and maybe the original recipients).
> Right now, from looking at the logs, it seems like sometimes "messages
> just disappear".  For the most part, it appears that (on our sendmail
> machines) this is only happeneing when it's supposed to (silent
> viruses), but I can't actually verify that.  With our CommuniGate Pro
> systems, we did lose some messages, and the lack of "When did
> mailscanner pick up this exact message?" and "did it delete it or
> eventually send it back?" type log entries made it very difficult to
> figure just which thing was dropping the ball (I suspect it was the
> script that MS was invoking as Sendmail2 that was the problem, but,
> again, I don't actually know for sure).

MailWatch does almost everything you list above as I had exactly the same
requirements which is why I wrote it in the first place.  See

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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