[OT] sendmail 8.13.0 and GreetPause

John Rudd jrudd at UCSC.EDU
Thu Jun 24 19:17:26 IST 2004

On Jun 24, 2004, at 10:26 AM, Jeff A. Earickson wrote:

> Gang,
> After a couple of days of trying sendmail 8.13.0's
> GreetPause feature at both 30 seconds and 5 seconds,
> I have given up on it.  At 30 seconds, my incoming virus
> problem dropped to virtually zero (good) and my spam
> decreased greatly (good), but so did a lot of legit email
> that came flooding in after I lowered the barrier (Bad!).
> I also had problems with outbound emails stacking up at
> 30 seconds for remote sites (like verizon) that would
> quickly timeout incoming connections.

Did you try finding those legitimate domains in the logs, and then
giving just those domains lower times?  So that the default domains
stay high and then you (sort of) whitelist the
poorly-behaving-but-legitimate sites with a lower value?

Verizon wasn't a problem in any place I used it (but maybe that's just
because Verizon doesn't isn't a significant player with my work users,
and it definitely isn't one with my home users).  It doesn't seem like
it would be hard to whitelist their email servers, though.

I think 30 seconds is a useful-extreme (I think it's extreme, but it's
what I use).  I think 5 seconds is probably at the lower end of useful,
so I might recommend you try 15 seconds.

None of this should have any bearing on your outgoing email though.
The greet pause shouldn't have any effect upon that.  Or is this mail
coming from your clients?  You should definitely whitelist them, where
you can.

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