Denial of Service attack in message!

Thom Paine thom at CUSTOMNETWORKS.CA
Wed Jun 23 14:40:09 IST 2004

Your engine should be at 4.3.20.

You still have an old engine.

Since you are running Solaris, I'm not sure which engine file you need.

Let me check the Mcafee ftp site.

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Subject: SV: Denial of Service attack in message!

Hi The output is:
>./uvscan --version -d dat
Virus Scan for Solaris v4.14.0
Copyright (c) 1992-2003 Networks Associates Technology Inc. All rights
(408) 988-3832  LICENSED COPY - Jan 18 2001
Scan engine v4.1.40 for Solaris.
Virus data file v4367 created Jun 16 2004
Scanning for 92006 viruses, trojans and variants.

But after I upgraded the MailScanner as well as the uvscan software I got
rid of the problem.

Regards Göran

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