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Krause, Uwe Uwe.Krause at FEP.FRAUNHOFER.DE
Wed Jun 16 10:30:45 IST 2004


> 1. Putting a subject line in your messages is not only a good idea but
> highly recommended

sorry ... i miss the coffee this morning :-(.

> You need to look at rulesets. Have a look at the examples and 
> search the email archive. You should be able to "whitelist" mails from
a specific
> address without too much difficulty.
> I would, however, do two things:
> 1 - Set the HTML rules to disarm as opposed to block.
> 2. Email the producers of the newsletter and give them a good larting.

This should be a rulset for msgident or what ever, not for users. 
I dont want to disable scripts for several users only for mails from
ebay ... 

> Anybody who insists on using scripts in newsletters these 
> days should be put up against a wall and shot!

ebay does ... :-(

thanks Uwe

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