Locking/bayes problem : still

Anakin SkyWalker basement_mobile2004 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 9 02:46:05 IST 2004

Hi Robert,

--- Robert Mena <rt_mena at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> Hi,
> A couple of days ago I've sent one email about how
> slow my system started to run and how I solved by
> simply removing the bayes db.

     Same problem here! My bayes keeps growing and
then MScanner slows down on checking the input queue.
When the db is thin everything works fine.

> I saw one post about it (with a same here situation)
> but no actual solution. One suggested to put the
> bayes
> db in a tmpfs.

   It's a good idea, but it's not right, is it?
MScanner+SA *must* work with big db's, I mean, that's
why they exist, to keep growing and "learning".

> I was wondering how many do use mailscanner+sa (with
> bayes db) and how they solved/addressed this. I
> don't
> think I affects just 2 systems (mine and the one who
> answered my post).

  Three now :)

> A word from the developers (even a "it's a
> spamassassin thing!" :) ) would be great!

  It should be good, for sure.

> - rt

-- Herr Schwarzkopf

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