SpamAssassin Prefs File problem

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Mon Jun 7 20:56:25 IST 2004

At 20:43 07/06/2004, you wrote:
>Whats "SpamAssassin Prefs File =" used for then?

For holding custom SpamAssassin rules for starters. There are also other
settings in there which MailScanner does not control itself, such as all
the controls for Razor, Pyzor, DCC and Bayes. Read
         man Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf
for info on all the other things that can go in there.

>I have set it to "required_hits           2.0" in spam.assassin.prefs.conf
>and then it should ignore "#Required SpamAssassin Score = 6" in
>Using rulesets? can you point me right direction please, thanks :)

Please read the MAQ. The location of that is at the bottom of every list
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