4.31.6: grumbles about install.sh

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Jun 1 21:10:25 IST 2004

At 20:58 01/06/2004, you wrote:
>For us curmudgeons who are used to installing MS via the tarfile
>of previous months, can we continue to do this?


>   After unrolling
>MailScanner-install-4.31.6-1.tar.gz, can I just untar
>MailScanner-4.31.6-1.tar.gz and prceed as I used to?


>   Do I need
>to build the new tnef if I do this?


>My quick observations about install.sh:
>1) I always like install scripts that have a "debug" mode, ie
>"I will show you what I would do (and build things in a /tmp
>directory), but I will not attempt to install anything" mode.
>2) My /usr/local filesystem is NFS-mounted, so I don't want
>tnef going there.  I  would like any tnef executable to be in
>MailScanner's directory tree, eg /opt/MailScanner-4.31.6.  Keep
>things in one tidy spot, plueeeze.

Fair point.

>3) I have both gcc and cc (Sun Forte 7) installed.  I build the
>public-domain perl with Sun's compiler, because of threading,
>interactions with Sun's shared libs, etc.  My heart sank when I saw
>the symlink of /tmp/MStmpinstall../cc to /usr/local/bin/gcc.

Where should I look for cc? /opt/SUNWspro/bin?

>   Attempts to run the script give:
>Your perl and your Config.pm seem to have different ideas about the
>architecture they are running on.
>Perl thinks: [sun4-solaris-thread-multi]
>Config says: [sun4-solaris-thread-multi]

I know about that. It's a side-effect of handling systems with only gcc.
Left to their own devices, these systems are incapable of building any Perl
module which has C code in it.

>Still studying the script...

I admit it's not perfect yet, but the only way to get people to run it is
to publish it....
The MailScanner-4.31.6-1.tar.gz inside it is untouched from the previous
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