Bounce/Forward, Forward/Delete.

Carles Xavier Munyoz Baldó carles at UNLIMITEDMAIL.ORG
Tue Jun 1 11:04:54 IST 2004

I have an authenticated STMP relay server that is used by my users for send 
email to the Internet. I have a MailScanner setup running on it.

I would like to send rejection message back to the sender of all spam detected 
messages and forward a copy of the spam message to my email account 
spam_detected at

Is it possible to specy this two actions (bounce and forward) in my spam 
actions ruleset file ?
How ?

And is it possilbe to customice the bounce rejection message ?

Is it possible too to make a forward and a delete spam action ?
How ?
(I would like to get a copy of the spam message, but don't sent it to the 
final recipients)

Carles Xavier Munyoz Baldó
carles at

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