[OT] - Sizing SendMail Servers

Miguel Koren OBrien de Lacy miguelk at konsultex.com.br
Fri Jul 16 04:53:40 IST 2004

This is slightly off topic. We have been asked to size an installation based on Linux
as the O.S. for handling emails for about 200,000 to 300,000 users. I expect the
emails to be quite small per user (just a guess so far of 5k or less) because this is
mobile email oriented. I have no information yet about how many messags there would be
per day (maybe 1,000,000?). There would be no spam checking at this phase. I expect
that this will require load balancing a few servers (one for scanning and x por
mailboxes?). I have 3 questions:

a) I would like to use Clam. I didn't find scanner performance comparisons. Would
scanner selection make a big difference with this load?
b) Can someone share experiences of how many email accounts can be normally
accomodated on a Linux server assuming disk space is adequate (5,000, 10,000, 50,000,
c) Which distribution/MTA combination would handle this type of load best?



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