Peter Nitschke email at ace.net.au
Thu Jul 15 09:37:01 IST 2004

On 14/07/2004 at 8:43 PM Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions wrote:

>As the subject line suggests.

>Before you post to the list you may want to do the following, as it will
>ensure that you get a better response and generally don't annoy others:

>5. Mailing list archive. It's there. Use it.

>6. HTML emails. They are a pain in the neck. Please don't use them. If you
>don't know how to get your MUA to send plain text you shouldn't really be
>adminning mail for anybody else.

I would also like to suggest removing personal sigs.

Sig Attachments serve no real purpose here, and some of the text ones
render the archive semi-useless for searching.

Try searching on vispan, DCC or clamav for example.


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