rant about anti-virus and spam, MS flamed

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Jan 29 08:48:05 GMT 2004

I also have 1 other trick up my sleeve.

The new configuration option "Notify Senders Of Viruses" is set to "no" by
default. So if you upgrade and don't manually enable it, the default will
be to never notify senders of viruses. Which is what we are trying to achieve.

And no, I didn't do that by mistake :-)

At 23:16 28/01/2004, you wrote:
>But the default option in MailScanner is All-Silent for many versions
>Remember how sendmail used to be distributed with anti-relay off by
>default.  And years after the newer versions had it on by default, you
>still had *nix vendors shipping the old versions on their system and
>also had sendmail start on boot.
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>MailScanner is torched about halfway down, along with every other
>anti-virus thingee out there.  The guy has a half a point.  As well as
>retiring the bounce option maybe Julian should consider making the
>"Silent Virus"
>the only option in the next MS.
>(rant found by way of www.fark.com, the best "news"
>source on the Internet).
>Jeff Earickson
>Colby College

Julian Field
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