OT: more IE6 vulnerabilities

Chris Yuzik chris at FRACTALWEB.COM
Wed Jan 28 23:20:12 GMT 2004

Hi everyone,


Every time I read articles like this one, I get a bad taste in my mouth.
Lovely.  Then I think about Microsoft's "Trusted Computing" initiative,
and the sour taste gets worse. How can a company that has more money
than most countries leave its users open to crap like this? It's bad
enough that they seem to build security holes into their products from
the beginning, then never seem to bother testing anything before
shipping it.

I particularly love the part where the writer says, "We also have reason
to believe there is no fix." This gets better all the time. Now we can
not only be fooled into believing that we're on our bank's website, but
we can acquire a worm while they're robbing us blind. Thanks, Microsoft.

I'll be using Mozilla exclusively from now on. Long live open source.


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