MyDoom Countermeasures

Jeff Falgout JFalgout at CO.JEFFERSON.CO.US
Wed Jan 28 22:56:53 GMT 2004

I added this list of names to my sendmail access file,
and the number of MyDoom's/hr dropped significantly.


# MyDoom countermeasures. It forges the username for email
# address. Here are some of the ones we've seen that don't
# exist.
jane@                           DROP
anna@                           DROP
andrew@                         DROP
brian@                          DROP
david@                          DROP
linda@                          DROP
john@                           DROP
kevin@                          DROP
jerry@                          DROP
maria@                          DROP
jeff@                           DROP
alice@                          DROP
bob@                            DROP
debby@                          DROP
stan@                           DROP
claudia@                        DROP
bill@                           DROP
ted@                            DROP
james@                          DROP
matt@                           DROP
alex@                           DROP
robert@                         DROP
julie@                          DROP
peter@                          DROP
sandra@                         DROP
joe@                            DROP
jimmy@                          DROP
sam@                            DROP
helen@                          DROP
smith@                          DROP
leo@                            DROP
jim@                            DROP
george@                         DROP
mike@                           DROP
steve@                          DROP
michael@                        DROP
brent@                          DROP
dave@                           DROP
ray@                            DROP
fred@                           DROP
dan@                            DROP
tom@                            DROP
mary@                           DROP
adam@                           DROP
brenda@                         DROP
jose@                           DROP
jack@                           DROP
srooney@                        DROP

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