Announce: MailScanner-MRTG version 0.07 released

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Wed Jan 28 22:57:28 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-28 at 22:28, David Hooton wrote:
> Kevin,
> Even though this does work and is a read only , it doesn't provide any
> access control, which could leave users vulnerable to any possible exploits
> which may arise in net-snmp.  Perhaps adding an acl to only allow access to
> would be smart?
Funnily enough I just wrote that in the doc I'm producing!  Heres my
current working minimal config...

# START snmpd.conf
# This line makes the snmp daemon listen only on the loopback interface
# If you want to run on an alternative port change the 161 part
# (Don't forget to update the mailscanner-mrtg.conf file with the new
# port
agentaddress localhost:161
# Use this version instead for ucd-snmp
#agentaddress 161 at localhost

# This line sets up a single community string (with read-only access)
# With access only permitted from localhost
# If you have users logging into your machine and want to make sure they
# can't easily get info from snmp change 'public' to something else
# (Don't forget to update the community string in mailscanner-mrtg.conf)
rocommunity  public localhost

# System Information, change this if you want
syslocation Unknown
syscontact Root <root at localhost>
# FINISH snmpd.conf

Of course I would always recommend firewalling all unnecessary ports
using iptables or similar.

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