rant about anti-virus and spam, MS flamed

Wed Jan 28 22:38:00 GMT 2004

>Sure, some under-educated system admins might want this
>feature, but let's
>face it, they only want it because they are completely
>clueless about the
>implications. It's _ALWAYS_ a bad idea to notify senders of a
>real virus
>infection in email, without exception.

Consider me under-educated, but why is that?  If:

1) The virus doesn't forge the sender address


2) you have some mechanisim in place to not notify for
every single message sent (once is enough, or perhaps
once a day is enough)

then why not?

Obviously I'm of a different mindset, but if it can
notify someone that they are infected *when they
actually are* then I don't see it as a bad thing.

If there are reasons to not do this that override
my reasons here, by all means let me know, perhaps
I don't have the whole picture.

(For the record: I don't notify except by hand.  I
don't have a mechanisim in place to limit automatic


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