mcafee uvscan not using /usr/local/uvscan/datfiles/current

Bob Jones bob.jones at USG.EDU
Wed Jan 28 19:16:22 GMT 2004

Remco Barendse wrote:
> Uhmm, not really
> You should *not* use any symlinks at all.
> You will either get the symptoms as described (`old' dat files) or you
> will see some (as in really some, not all!!) slipping through scanned, but
> undetected.
> I think I was the first unfortunate person to find/report this 'feature'
> of mcafee, there have been several reports about it since.

So does this mean we shouldn't be using the mcafee-autoupdate script
inculding in Mailscanner/libs to update our dat files?  Since it uses
symlinks and all.  We haven't had any problems in the 4 months or so
we've been doing this.


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