New Feature -- "and" in rules

Ken Anderson ka at PACIFIC.NET
Wed Jan 28 17:33:25 GMT 2004

Wow, that's great!
I have a custom function based on your per domain custom function
example. Do you think using this feature would be faster, or about the
same as using a custom function for whitelists per user?
Is this in 4.26.5?
Thank you!
Ken Anderson

Julian Field wrote:

> In rules in ruleset files, you can now have an "and" operator. You are only
> allowed 1 per rule at most, but it does mean you can do stuff like
> From: user1 at and To: user2 at yes
> or other rules that look like this.
> Hopefully this will do away with the need to write Custom Functions for
> some functionality that just needs to be able to test 2 addresses for each
> rule instead of just 1.
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> Julian Field
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