Rodney Green rgreen at TRAYERPRODUCTS.COM
Tue Jan 27 21:01:20 GMT 2004

I apologize. I changed the order of the lookup maps for the
smtpd_recipient_restrictions parameter and got it working. I had
permit_mynetworks before the map that checked whether or not the user
was a restricted sender user. Thanks for the help though.


Julian Field wrote:

> There is a feature implemented via a Custom Function in
> that does this. It's not a core feature as you are only about the 2nd
> person to ever want it.
> At 20:19 27/01/2004, you wrote:
>> On my old mail server which was running Postfix without MailScanner I
>> was able to use check_sender_access to prohibit certain users from
>> sending mail to outside e-mail addresses. They could only send to
>> internal addresses.
>> With the new mail server running Postfix with MailScanner this is not
>> working. It simply allows the mail to pass through. Everything's setup
>> the same as far as the main.conf and the hash maps. Anyone know what
>> might be wrong? Since MailScanner is running is it even using the
>> check_sender_access parameter or is it bypassing it all together?
>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Rod
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