blocking all attachments

Kevin Hanser Kevin at MICA.NET
Tue Jan 27 21:19:21 GMT 2004

Ok, I could have _sworn_ that this was JUST asked on the list, but after
searching thru the archives and my local copies, I can't find it

I have a client that wants to block _ALL_ attachments.  What's the best
way to do that w/MailScanner?  
I tried putting 
        deny \..*$
In the filename.rules.conf file, but that ends up blocking the entire
message.  I'm pretty sure that the previous poster had this same
problem, but I can't seem to find the message that tells what the
solution was...

Sorry for asking something that was just so recently asked, I just can't
seem to find the message... It's really baffling to me, since I
distinctly remember reading it...



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